2018-19 Tuition and Fees:

Base Tuition Rates*:
Grade 5 & 6$10,500
Grades 7 & 8$10,800
Grades 9 - 12$13,700
Annual Fees**:
Enrollment Fee for New Students$200
Reenrollment Fee for Returning Students$100
Family Fundraising Fee***$500

* Tuition for the upcoming school year is set by the CBA Board of Trustees in February of each year.

** Other fees may be incurred depending on the student’s participation in sports and/or other extra-curricular activities.

***Families may reduce this fee dollar for dollar by selling Continuing Education Program (CEP) Raffle Tickets. This is the only way to reduce this annual fee.

Payment Plans:

Plan 1: Payment of the Base Tuition minus any applicable tuition discounts (scholarships and/or financial aid) is required to be paid in full before July 1, 2018. A late fee of $25 per month will be assessed if the account is not paid in full by July 1st.

Plan 2: Payment of the Base Tuition Plus $75 minus any applicable tuition discounts to be paid in two (2) equal installments on July 1, 2018 and December 1, 2018 through the FACTS Tuition Payment Plan Program, an online service for which there is an annual fee.

Plan 3: Base Tuition Plus $250 minus any applicable tuition discounts, to be paid in ten (10) equal installments beginning no later than July 1, 2018 through FACTS. A minimum of two (2) monthly installments must be made before a student may begin the school year.