Parents entrust us with their most prized possessions – their children. Students trust us to prepare them for success in college, their careers and life. We take those responsibilities seriously. And it shows.

“Thank you CBA for providing the complete package – outstanding academics, discipline/leadership, competitive athletics, and religious education.”
Monica and Bob Marini, parents

“Seven years ago I drove my son from Clifton Park to Albany to drop him off for his first day of sixth grade. He looked over and said to me, “I can’t believe I’m a brother!” It brings tears to my eyes thinking about that day, which seems like yesterday. CBA was all we hoped for and more.”
Joyce Bassett, parent

“CBA has been an incredible experience for our family. The standard of academic excellence and the emphasis on moral and character development has far exceeded our expectations. The teachers don’t teach the class; they teach the individual.”
Stephen McCauley ’80 and Mimi Steffens, parents

“We look at CBA as a partnership. Parents want their sons to be successful in life, and so does CBA. Most importantly, we teach our son to be a caring, thoughtful and respectful young man. We have always felt that CBA instilled the same values we did at home. Together we have raised an amazing young man we are proud to say is our son!”
David and June Lazzaro, parents

“Thank you, CBA, for being the best option—even though we live in a great school district—for teaching boys.”
Anne Carroll Fernandez, parent

“I am happy at CBA because it’s like having a second family. The education is great, the students are great, the faculty is great and the sports are great. Everyone treats each other like brothers, and it is a true brotherhood. I know that CBA will be a part of my life forever.”
Joe Kolbe, ‘15

“I have many happy memories of my years at CBA. My experience as a member of the marching band was particularly incredible. Playing the saxophone in the parade down Main Street in Walt Disney World, as well as 5th Avenue in New York City on St. Patrick’s Day, were once-in-a-lifetime experience that will never be forgotten.”
Thomas A. DiNovo, ‘12

“Not only to you get a quality education at CBA that prepares you for college, you also become a part of the CBA brotherhood, which lasts a lifetime.”
John Bassett ‘13