Our Defining Moment


Case Statement CoverIn 1859, Christian Brothers Academy was created to provide a comprehensive education for young men. The CBA experience has been celebrated and cherished by thousands of graduates and their families.

While CBA has steadily increased academic challenges, the school must make critical changes now to secure its position for the future. To do this, the school must expand its academic offerings and invest in its facilities. With a renewed commitment, CBA will be the preferred choice of school for academic excellence and moral education for generations of young men.

CBA has a strong foundation on which to grow the school’s future by strategically investing in an advanced science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) curriculum. Faculty needs specialized training and the facility must be expanded. Space is at a premium as the number of music students exceeds available space, and additional classroom space is needed for increased programs under STEM.

We must address these needs to successfully grow our academic programs. The total investment needed to accomplish these priorities is $5.2 million.

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CBA provided me with the foundation to succeed in life and in politics.  I learned the value of civility and respect which is critical when successful outcomes are dependent on working with others.

— Howard Nolan ’49


Academic Investment
New Wing for Classrooms & Fine Arts Facility Enhancement1,115,000
STEM Program100,000
Renovate Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Earth Science Labs400,000
Faculty Professional Development300,000
Co-Curricular Program Investment200,000
Technology Investment200,000
Track Replacement200,000
HVAC & Controls and Roof Replacement695,000
Entrance Upgrades, Security System & Entrance Doors85,000
Classroom Furniture, Kitchen Equipment, Building Improvements260,000
Road Improvements & Parking Lot Drainage145,000
Annual Fund ($500,000 for each of the 3 campaign years)1,500,000
Total Investment Needed & Campaign Goal5,200,000


The Christian Brothers left an incredible legacy for our community. To achieve our campaign priorities, your support is needed. In contributing, you are carrying on what the Brothers did before us by providing a CBA education for generations of young men.

Saint John Baptist de La Salle, pray for us. Live Jesus in our hearts, forever!