Our Defining Moment


New Wing (Taken!)$1,000,000
Main Lobby$1,000,000
Middle School Wing (300 Section)$1,000,000
Upper School Wing (400 Section)$1,000,000
Upper School Wing (500 Section)$1,000,000
Turf Football Field$1,000,000
STEM Program$500,000
Entrance Roadway$250,000
Tennis Courts$250,000
Wing Along the Cafeteria$250,000
Art Room$100,000
Baseball Field$100,000
Biology Laboratory (Taken!)$100,000
Campus Ministry Program$100,000
Chemistry Laboratory$100,000
Earth Science Laboratory$100,000
JROTC Leadership Program (Taken!)$100,000
Lecture Hall$100,000
New Physics Lab$100,000
Communication Board in Cafeteria$50,000
JROTC Leadership Office (Taken!)$50,000
Roadway Around the Back of School$50,000
School Entrance Vestibule$50,000
Technology Classroom$50,000
Campus Ministry Office (Taken!)$30,000
JROTC Supply Room$30,000
Classrooms (several available)$25,000
Faculty Development Fund$25,000
New Conference Room (Taken!)$25,000
Team Locker Room$25,000
Weight Room$25,000
Communication Board in Hallway (Taken!)$10,000
Faculty Lounge$10,000
Football Coaches Office$10,000
Office Space (several)$10,000
Benches on Campus$5,000
Benches at Grotto (Taken!)$5,000
Library/Media Center Tables$2,500
The strong foundation in math and science provided to me while at CBA, helped prepare me for the engineering rigors of college. A STEM program will allow CBA to best prepare students for continued studies and professions in science and technologies.

— Joseph Nicolla ’75