Our Defining Moment


Thank you for your commitment to our outstanding school and the mission of our Founder:
Saint John Baptist de La Salle.

$1,000,000 Plus

Terri and Joe W. Ozimek ’65

$500,000 – $999,999



Sheryl and William Anthony ’81
Richard J. Huether ’51
K. Mark Mottolese ’82
David and Deborah Quinn
Kim and Chris Scaringe ’82


Britt and Frieda Carmer
Thomas and Grace DiNovo
Sheila Greco and John Krong
John T. Leonard ’60
Karleen and Tim O’Hearn ’58
Lynn F. and Eugene J. Zielinski ’58


Carm and Sheila Basile
Brothers of the Christian School FSC DENA
CBA Parents Association
Brian M. Culnan ’85
Anne and Dan Cunningham ’72
Ellen and Daniel Hogarty ’57
James Hunter ’52
Monica and Bob Marini ’84
Reginald J. Mills ’81
Anne and James O’Toole
Joe Reilly ’56
Lisa and Darryll Towsley ’94
Troy Savings Bank Foundation


Holly and John Brennan ’67
Ron Canestrari ’61
The Christian Brothers Community
Alison and Mike Coffey ’86
Sue and Dave Doemel ’71
Albert and Krista Gonzalez
Jim and Paola Horvath
Mark J. Hulbert ’83
Marleen and Robert Jones ’83
Jill and Bob Kolbe
James J. Lee ’58
Dr. Timothy and Trudy Maggs
Chris and Todd Mesick ’85
John J. Nigro In Memory of Frank J. Nigro, Sr.
Colleen and Tim O’Hara
Peter Platt ’57
Abigail and Marc Reiter ’81
Laurel and James Schlegel
Rev. Erwin H. Schweigardt ’57
Alicia and David Smith ’75
James T. Smith, Jr.
Peter Stephens ’69
Kathleen and Michael Van De Loo ’90
The Walters Company A/C Inc.
Frank P. Willey ’71
John Yanas, FSC ’47


Mary Lou and William E. Burkhard ’53
Alix and Brian Clemente ’70
Robert G. Conway, Jr. ’69
Copeland Funeral Home In Memory of Terrance Copeland ’57
Robert Crozier
Deluca/Hoffert Family Foundation
Brian Devane ’82
Vincent Gallucci ’85
Matthew and Ann Gormley
Brother Bernard Hanson, FSC ’52
Paul and Ashley Hodorowski
Michael Kayo ’90
Jim and Marcia Kelly ’69
Cathy and Richard Manhey ’64
Charles F. McCarthy ’51
Thomas and Mary Beth McMahon
Joseph and Maryanne Tirino Mitchell
Eugene E. Napierski, Esq. ’61
Kristin and Christoper O’Brien
John V. O’Connor, Jr. ’75
Ann and James O’Keefe ’66
Colleen and Larry O’Shea
Dominick J. and Patti Trimarchi
Brenda and George Wiederkehr

Donors below $5,000, we thank you for your faithful support. Our Defining Moment could not become reality without your generosity. We are immensely grateful.