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Dr. Tim Maggs, the Director of Sports Biomechanics at CBA, is a specialist in Sports Biomechanics and has been a Sports Chiropractor for 35 years. Dr. Maggs worked in the New York Giants (professional football) strength department for 4 years, and travels the country giving 20 seminars a year to doctors on the importance of structural biomechanics. In the mid-90’s, Dr. Maggs was the founder and director of the Team Stick Kenyan Running Program. In mid-2012, together with Kenyan, Paul Mbugua, Dr. Maggs opened a new Kenyan Olympic Training Center in Nairobi, Kenya. The team (Team consists of 8 young Kenyan runners who reside and train at this center in an effort to compete for Kenya in the 2016 Olympics. Dr. Maggs has completed 16 marathons and is also the Director of Sports Injuries for the Freihofer’s Run for Women and the Troy Turkey Trot.

Dr. Maggs developed the: Structural Management® Program, Structural Fingerprint® Exam, the Maggs Muscle Management™ Program, and The Concerned Parents of Young Athletes™ Program.

Dr. Maggs will tell all athletes his 3 step recommendation to minimize injuries:
1)     Get fitted for custom orthotics
2)     Get a Structural Fingerprint® Exam (full biomechanical exam)
3)     Get The Stick and apply it daily, before and after you exercise

Please click here to view a flier that describes the services available to CBA students:  Structural Management

In this video, Dr. Tim Maggs explains his role in CBA’s Department of Sports Biomechanics and how each student can and should take advantage of this program.

In this video, Dr. Maggs explains why custom orthotics are critically important for most young athletes.

In this video, Dr. Maggs has developed The Muscle Management™ Program in an effort to minimize muscle pulls, tendonitis, slow recovery, and overall muscle fatigue. The Stick is a simple tool (rolling pin/massage tool type device) that allows every athlete to manage their entire muscular system in 10-15 minutes per day.

In this video, Dr. Maggs discusses The Structural Fingerprint® Exam, which is offered at no charge to all CBA students. This exam will detect structural (biomechanical) imbalances, weaknesses, and restrictions that will affect a young athlete’s entire life. A full and detailed set of recommendations will also be given as part of this exam.

In this video, Dr. Maggs will discuss The Structural Management® Program, a program he developed to address the absence of musculoskeletal awareness in all athletes. The hallmark of the program is The Structural Fingerprint® Exam, and the program encourages a proactive approach to address biomechanical faults before injuries and breakdown can occur. The program also provides for acute injuries, with the most advanced treatments and therapies available.

If you have any questions about the CBA Sports Management Program, please contact Dr. Maggs, using the following contact information:

Dr. Tim Maggs
1462 Erie Blvd.
Schenectady, New York 12305

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